We have been asking President Obama
to take action to reduce gun violence in our nation..
Finally the President is hearing our message!

Now is the time for him to support the strongest
legislation possible that will significantly
reduce the number of deaths by guns each year.
Now is the time to ban assault clips
and close the gun show loophole.

Please call the White House at 202-456-1111.

Tell the President:
"Thank you, and please support legislation to ban
assault clips and close the gun show loophole."

We look forward to working with the President
to engage the nation, and Congress, on how to protect
more Americans from the destruction of gun violence.

There is still a lot more that you can do to help!
Make a contribution today to help us pass
common sense gun legislation.

Thank you for your continued support
of the Brady Campaign and the work we are doing
together to reduce gun violence.

CLICK HERE to visit the
Brady Campaign web site

CLICK HERE to visit the
Brady Campaign's Too Many Victims site
to post a tribute to a loved one lost to
or injured by gun violence.

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