Path to activism: violent crime gun survivors advocate for, against gun control
“I couldn’t do anything to change what happened in Virginia Tech,” he said. “But if I could stop that from happening someplace else, that would be my way of giving back.”
Fernanda Crescente/USA Today
July 7, 2016


Inside the Bloomberg-backed gun-control group’s efforts to defeat the NRA
Goddard represents the passion and purpose — and, at times, frustration and disenchantment — of being on the front lines of the gun-control movement.
Catherine Ho/Washington Post
June 20, 2016


A Million-Mom Army and a Billionaire Take on the NRA
“You have to find a way to use it to strengthen your resolve to keep fighting and keep pushing.”
Chris Arnold/NPR
June 17, 2016


What life is like for survivors of a mass shooting
“It’s world changing for the family that just lost somebody.”
Danielle Paquette/Washington Post
June 17, 2016


What survivors of our deadliest mass shootings know about Orlando and America’s cycle of violence
“You have to find a way to put it somewhere, to strengthen your resolve to find a way out of this madness.”
Katie McDonough/Fusion
June 17, 2016


Living for 32, Fighting for Millions
“Talking about what happened at Virginia Tech and talking to other students, helps me personally . . .  to take something bad and put it towards something good and to teach others about the realities of gun violence.”
Sydney Duest/The Maine Campus
March 27, 2016


Can “good guys with guns” stop gun violence?
“How can we do a better job of stopping the one gun from coming into that classroom than trying to put a gun in every single classroom of my school”
Rita Braver/CBS News
March 13, 2016


Actress Julianne Moore on Everytown’s Fight for Gun Safety
“Our strategy is taking this to statehouses across the country.”
With All Due Respect/Bloomberg
January 23, 2016


Texans Prepare for Concealed Guns on Campuses
“Twisted attempt to blame me for the bullets inside my body and for the deaths of 32 of my classmates and teachers.”
Max Kutner/Newsweek
January 17, 2016


President to announce new action on guns
“The President clearly is wanting to do something on an issue that kills 88 Americans everyday and injures hundreds more.”
Thomas Roberts/MSNBC
January 4, 2016


Grassroots Gun Control
“We’ve got to make them afraid of us.”
Annalies Winny/Vice
December 2, 2015
Virginia Tech Survivor discusses need for background checks
It’s time that we, the people, truly decide what the public policy around guns should be and stop letting the industry write our laws.”
Carley Lanich/Indiana Daily Student
Nov 15, 2015


Texas campus carry law is a slap in the face of survivors of past shootings
“We are not going to be able to shoot our way out of problems on college campuses.”
Cindy Casares/Raw Story
October 29, 2015


Slain journalist’s parents rally against gun violence in Richmond
“When I continued to see more shootings happen to more people in this country, here in the Commonwealth and nothing getting done about it, i just couldn’t sit by anymore”
Kristin Smith/WRLC News
October 17, 2015


Gun violence prevention organization applauds McAuliffe’s executive order
“I’ve spent my life since the shooting advocating for common-sense policies that will keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons and domestic abusers and crack down on illegal gun trafficking.”
Bristol Herald Courier
October 16, 2015


Surviving a mass shooting means learning to cope with the next one
“The word I use is deflate, that’s the best way to describe the physical sensation that happens.”
Melissa Jeltsen/Huffington Post
October 5, 2015


Routine? Listen to the most frustrated Americans of all
“We have done nothing as a country since the last major shooting, so we really shouldn’t be surprised when the next one occurs.”
Wayne Drash/CNN
October 2, 2015


Why we’re still debating guns in 2015
“Do you side with the overwhelming number of Americans who support basic gun safety measures or do you side with the gun lobby?”
October 2, 2015


Another: The 45th School Shooting in America in 2015
“America is the only developed country where when someone asks if you heard about that campus shooting, you have to clarify, ‘Which one?’ That is unacceptable.”
Michaele Richinick/Newsweek
October 1, 2015


What Life is Like Now for a VA Tech Survivor Who Was Shot 4 Times
“I believe I was lucky. Simple as that.”
Lisa Capretto/OWN
September 29, 2015


Virginia Tech survivor: The gun lobby’s foolish answer
“It’s time for all Americans to come together and ask our lawmakers, “Do you side with the overwhelming number of Americans who support basic gun safety measures or do you side with the gun lobby?”
Colin Goddard/CNN
August 27, 2015


Virginia Tech survivor says journalists’ on-air murders was ‘difficult to watch,’ reminder of massacre: ‘You felt how horrible it is’
“We’ve been in the situation before. Nothing but has happened here in Congress which is frankly unacceptable and has to change.”
Melissa Chan/New York Daily News
August 27, 2015


After the Shootings: Actively Caring for People
“People are violently killed and when people realize that I think we will be able to have the proper conversation that we so badly need in America.”
Robbie Harris/WVTF
August 27, 2015


Suspect in Live TV  Murders Dead After Shooting Himself
“It should not be normal in this country that people are shot and killed while doing their job, or studying in class, or watching a movie.”
Ted Johnson and Cynthia Littleton/Variety
August 26, 2015


Families urge gun policy change on Capitol Hill
“It’s quite simple. We just want to know that a background check is done before a gun is sold to somebody. Simple as that.”
Andrea McCarren/WUSA
July 28, 2015


Gun Violence: 5 Films Worth Watching
“We are left to not only ponder what path we would take but also to witness Goddard’s path forward- both towards progress and closure.”
John Rosenthal/Huffington Post
June 22, 2015


Another Massacre: Will Public Mobilize for Gun Control?
“There is nothing we can undo, what happened in Charleston, but what we can do is act to prevent the next shooting from occurring to more of our American citizens.
Amy Goodman/Democracy Now
June 19, 2015


Shooting survivors, students rally against campus carry
“The 2007 Virginia Tech shooting survivor is sharing his story and pushing Texas lawmakers to allow colleges to choose for themselves when it comes to guns.”
Alicia Inns/KXAN
May 5, 2015


Shooting victims, families speak out
“Conceal carry in that situation would not have made matters better.”
Adam Hammons/KeyeTV
May 5, 2015
A Call to College Students: Prevent Gun Violence
“Goddard stood as a living testament to how quickly an unremarkable morning could turn into a nationwide day of mourning and call for action.”
Noah Fitzgerel/Huffington Post
April 27, 2015


Capitol Square memorial honors those killed, wounded at Va. Tech
“This time eight years ago, I was on the floor of my French class. We all know where we were.”
Tom Kapsidelis/Richmond Times-Dispatch
April 16, 2015


Families mark 8 years since Virginia Tech shooting
“A bell tolled once for each of the 32 victims of the Virginia Tech shooting.”
Max Smith/WTOP
April 16, 2015


Gun Violence Survivors Demand Action: ‘We can do better than this’
“When a legislator realizes they are talking to a survivor of gun violence, it changes the dynamic entirely.
Melissa Jeltsen/Huffington Post
April 6, 2015


Bill would close background-check loopholes
“With that kind of national support, ‘It’s just a matter of time before things finally come through and you make some progress.’”
Connor Radnovich/
March 4, 2015


Viewpoint: Bullets and backpacks do not belong together
“If administrators, law enforcement, students, and survivors object to forcing hidden, loaded guns onto college campuses, why are these dangerous proposals moving forward?”
Chryl Anderson/Pensacola News Journal
February 28. 2015


More guns on campus is not the answer to sexual assault
“Despite hours of testimony against campus carry by college and university chancellors, faculty, students parents and campus shooting survivors like Colin Goddard, . . . the Texas committee voted 7-2.”
Shannon Watts/MSNBC
February 24, 2015


Whitman Shooting Lingers Over Campus Carry Debate
“Colin Goddard, who was shot four times in the Virginia Tech massacre summed up much of the opposition to the bill.”
Andrew Roush/Alcalde
February 22, 2015


Gun Carry Bills Advance
“There is no evidence that a bill like SB 11 would do anything to stop a mass shooting, but SB 11 would make the average day on campus more dangerous.”
Chase Hoffberger/The Austin Chronicle
February 20, 2015


State Rep. John Otto supports campus carry
“We survivors do not think that it is a good idea to have guns on campus.”
Jay R. Jordan/The Houstonian
February 18, 2015


Two Texas gun bills advance to state Senate floor
“Even as a survivor of the worst mass shooting in American history, I can tell you forcing universities and college campuses to allow guns on campus is wrong — colleges and universities are and should remain safe places with low levels of violence.”
Michele Richinik/MSNBC
February 13, 2015


University Leaders Disagree on Allowing Guns on Campus
“We are not going to be able to shoot our way out of problems on college campuses.”
Lauren R. McGaughy/Houston Chronicle
February 12, 2015


With Campus Carry Bill Fast Tracked, Opponents are Scrambling
“The epiphany came when Katz attended a documentary on the 2007 Virginia Tech University shooting rampage at Texas State University with two survivors of that bloody winter day: Colin Goddard and John Woods.”
Kimberly Reeves/Houston Press
February 11, 2015


Sexual assaults, tuition fees and guns on campus on the agenda
“Prior to the shooting, who thought guns would be part of my life or my family’s life?”
Mary Beth Marklein/University World News
January 10, 2015


Goddard: Background checks save lives
“A federal background check bill won’t end gun violence altogether, but it’s the most meaningful and immediate thing we can do that would save the most lives.
Colin Goddard/CNN
November 17, 2014


Living for 32
“Offering an inspiring and sobering look at the gun control issue, this is recommended.”
Video Librarian
October 2014


Game Changers 2014: Colin Goddard 
“As of this writing, there have been 74 school shootings in the United States since Newtown in December of 2012. Colin Goddard wants to stop the next one before it starts.”
Chris Giblin/Men’s Fitness
September 12, 2014


How a Virginia Tech Shooting Victim Found Love Through Tragedy
“Colin Goddard and Gabriella Hoehn-Saric bonded over the unfathomable tragedies both of their families suffered at the hand of a gun, and soon after fell in love.
Molly Greenberg/In the Capital
August 30, 2014


How the Virginia Tech Shooting Brought this Couple Together
“I met the man I’m going to marry but it happened out of so many terrible things.”
Kelsey Borresen/The Huffington Post
August 29, 2014


Vows/Love From Tragedy
“We are appreciative of what we do have and how we did find each other.”
A.J. Chavar/New York Times
August 24, 2014


Safe in Each Other’s Company
“The Virginia Tech tragedy ultimately led to his meeting Ms. Hoehn-Saric, whose own family had been touched by gun violence.”
Rachel Lee Harris/New York Times
August 23, 2014


Honoring Jim Brady’s legacy by finishing the job he started
“Thanks to Brady’s pioneering work, the fight to bring a truly universal system of background checks is closer than ever before.”
Colin Goddard/MSNBC
August 9, 2014


Local women join national effort by Moms Demand Gun Sense in America
“It could have happened to our family. I realized I couldn’t sit back and accept this as the new normal.”
Debra Scherban/
May 29, 2014


Isla Vista shooting renews frustration among gun control advocates
“When will this insanity stop? When will enough people say, ‘Stop this madness!’ We don’t have to live like this. Too many have died. We should say to ourselves, ‘Not one more!’”
Paresh Dave/Los Angeles Times
May 24, 2014


Summit on gun violence prevention draws 100
“We’ve seen the way legislators’ attitudes change when we approach them as young people. I urge all young people to act.”
Susan Tuz/
May 24, 2014


Virginia Tech shooting survivor screenings “Living for 32″ at Ambler Theater
“It’s kind of once in a lifetime to get the perspective of someone who experienced such a horrific event and turned it into something that motivates him to build a better world so nobody has to go through what he went through.”
Eric Devlin/The Reporter
May 11, 2014


Jr NAA Youth Leadership Summit Approaching
“Colin Goddard once said to me, ‘Find your voice and use it.’ I did and it has been so empowering. I can’t wait for other young people to find this same power within themselves.”
The Newtown Bee
May 2, 2014


New Georgia Gun Law Sparks Controversy
“This is an expansion of Stand Your Ground.”
New Day Weekend/CNN
April 27, 2014


‘Unprecedented’ Georgia Law Allows Guns in Churches and  Schools
“To expand it in such a way to remove all carrying or possession offenses is really unprecedented.”
Leah-Marianne Klett/Gospel Herald
April 26, 2014


Debate on gun control and regulation continues on a local scale
“If you allow (everyone) to carry a handgun or weapon wherever you go on campus, how does that begin to change the dynamics of the community you live in?”
Alyssa Fanara/The Exponent Online
April 24, 2014


Georgia Governor Signs ‘Unprecedented’ Gun Rights Bill
“The Stand Your Ground expansion is truly a new type of Stand Your Ground as we know it.”
Paige Lavender/The Huffington Post
April 23, 2014


Purdue holds gun violence prevention panel
““They don’t have to be defined about what happened here negative, but by what they chose to do to after the fact and leave a legacy behind, so it doesn’t happen to somebody else.”
Austin Miller/WLFI
April 23, 2014


Georgia Governor to Sign ‘Unprecedented’ Gun Bill
“The Stand Your Ground expansion is truly a new type of Stand Your Ground as we know it.” “To expand it in such a way to remove all carrying or possession offenses is really unprecedented.”
Jeanne Bonner/GPB News
April 22, 2014


New grassroots effort to take on the NRA
“For the first time, there are people showing up to oppose the gun lobby agenda.”
Hard Ball/MSNBC
April 16, 2014


On Virginia Tech shooting anniversary, remembering the day I almost lost my brother
“There was my brother, helpless, smiling at me.”
Emma Goddard/Bustle
April 16, 2014


Critics say Georgia stand-your-ground gun law ‘recipe for unnecessary killing’
“They passed the bill without any successful justification or discussion about why they would want to grant felons with illegal guns stand-your-ground as a defence.”
Karen McVeigh/The Guardian
March 27, 2014


A state gun bill the NRA applauds
“The overwhelming majority of Georgians stood up and said this is ridiculous, I don’t want this.”
Chris Hayes/MSNBC
March 18, 2014


Living for 32 
“Viewers accompany him on this journey as he tells his story with courage, empathy, and understanding.”
Carolyn Walden/Educational Media Reviews Online
March 14, 2014


Georgia bill could allow guns in bars, churches and airports
“This would expand Stand your ground and allow criminals to use Stand your ground and immunity to get away with murder.
Ronan Farrow/MSNBC
March 14, 2014


I Was Shot 4 Times in the Deadliest Massacre in U.S. History
“What happened on my campus was not somebody exercising his Second Amendment rights.”
Laura Dimon/PolicyMic
March 7, 2014


Report Card: Chilling stories from school safety forum in Reno
“This is a club that nobody asks to be a part of it, but it is something that we will be a part of the rest of our lives.”
Siobhan McAndrew/
February 24, 2o14


Sandy Hook Virginia Tech shootings aid Washoe County safety
I also tried to find a way to turn the negative into a positive.”
Garrett Valenzuela/Daily Sparks Tribune
February 20, 2014


Community, School Safety Forum Draws Dozens
“So many of us watched with sad hearts because it was like watching our own events happen again.”
2 News
February 14, 2014


After Va Tech, a long struggle over gun laws
“I can’t sit around and not do something. I’m going to come down here every year until we get background checks.”
Michael Laris/Washington Post
February 11, 2014


Bill is ‘another tool’ to reduce random gunfire
“Anything that’s called a celebration should not result in the death of a child.”
Jim Nolan/Richmond Times Dispatch
January 15, 2014


Kozachik to hold gun-reform forum
“I’m dedicated to keep bringing the issue of rational gun-control measures back to the public eye until we get some meaningful legislation passed at either the state or federal level.”
Darren DaRonco/Arizona Daily Star
January 2, 2014


The Skinny: Remembering January 8
“Two main themes in Living for 32: the need for better mental-health treatment and the need for better background checks.”
Jim Nintzel/Tucson Weekly
January 2, 2014


Seeking Kindness in the Wake of Sandy Hook
“So much has been lost, when the grief is still raw, and when many of us can not contemplate how this kind of violence is possible.”
The Takeaway
December 13, 2013


National Cathedral hosts vigil to mark anniversary of Newtown massacre
“Please let our profound grief over gun violence continue to encourage us, to engage [us] in reckless and wanton acts of compassion and care,”
Michelle Boorstein/The Washington Post
December 12, 2013


 Gun limits remain elusive
“Obviously we’re not done; we’re going to keep looking, keep going. You’re not going to see this president stop.”
Dan Freedman/Times Union
December 7, 2013


Virginia Tech victim supports background checks
“Goddard said he hopes his story makes the issue of gun violence real for people who think it could never happen to them.”
Associated Press
September 25, 2013


Obama pays condolences at Navy Yard memorial
“These were not statistics. These were human beings.”
September 22, 2013


VA Tech survivor coming to Nashville for background check talk
“We need to talk about gun owner responsibility and what it means to be a responsible gun owner. We need to talk about a 90-second background check.”
Heidi Hall/The Tennessean
September 18, 2013


Virginia Tech shooting survivor Colin Goddard for No More Names rally
“We’re not against guns. We just don’t want so many people being shot and killed every year.”
September 18, 2013


CNN Crossfire Live Debate
“Gun increase breaks all logic.”
CNN Crossfire
September 17, 2013


Va. Tech survivor defiant to gun inaction
“Put a face to a problem that people won’t think will happen to them.”
Martin Bashir/MSNBC
September 17, 2013


‘We’re  better than this’-Virginia Tech shooting film to screen in S.J.
“Things like that leave a tattoo on your heart that never leaves.”
Roger Phillips/San Joaquin Record
August 4, 2013


Zombie Industries debuts ‘Gun Control Lobbyist’ shooting target
“Gun control advocates are the latest target practice persona for Zombie Industries’ line of controversial products.” 
July 10, 2013


Company Takes Real Gun Control Lobbyist Off Ads For Bleeding Target
“Zombie Industries’ “bleeding” targets have been highly controversial on both sides of the gun debate.
Evan McMorris-Santoro/BuzzFeed
July 10, 2013


Now You Can Buy Your Own Bleeding Gun Control Lobbyist For Target Practice
“For $89.95, you can shoot Virginia Tech shooting victim-turned-anti-gun violence advocate Colin Goddard in the face. And Goddard’s not happy about it.”
Evan McMorris-Santoro/BuzzFeed
July 9, 2013


Virginia Tech Survivor Appears In Shooting Target Promo
“A gun control advocate and Virginia Tech shooting survivor is not amused that he appears in an image created by Zombie Industries.”
Eric Lach/Talking Points Memo
July 9, 2013


Shooting Target Selling Company Uses Photo of Virginia Tech. Victim to Promote New Product
“The market for zombie dummies modeled after Virginia Tech. shooting victims exists, apparently.”
Amanda Schallert/Opposing Views
July 9, 2013


How to Prevent Gun Violence? Make 1 Simple Change
Why [these tragedies occur] is a huge question. How is not.”
Brian Gresko/
June 14, 2013


On Gun Violence, We Moms Know How to Get Things Done
“On this Mother’s Day, it is hard not to feel inspired and hopeful by the robust and sophisticated grassroots movement building of moms across America who have organized to fight for safer gun law legislation.” 
By Maria Cuomo Cole/Huffington Post
May 12, 2013


Mothers Day
“When children have their promising lives cut short – because of senseless and preventable violence – there is no greater tragedy.”
By Maria Cuomo Cole/EMILY’s List
May 12, 2013


How many more mothers are childless today because our Congress isn’t brave enough to act?
“It is impossible not to reflect on our most precious experience of giving life, and the eternal instinct to nurture and protect without feeling the pang of sorrow for the mothers of Newtown.”
By Maria Cuomo Cole/Moms Rising
May 10, 2013


Point-counterpoint: Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Ted Cruz talk to the Houston Chronicle about guns
“To Colin and to the victims and families affected by every senseless death caused by a gun in the hands of someone who shouldn’t have one, I say this: We will do something about it.”
Vice President Joe Biden/The Houston Chronicle
May 5, 2013


Congressman, State Senators Rally Support for New Gun Control Measures
“This isn’t a liberal or conservative issue, it’s a public safety issues. And we need Democrats, independents, Republicans to come together, because a bullet doesn’t care what your party affiliation is.”
Fort Lee Patch
April 21, 2013


Real Time with Bill Maher
“Ninety percent of people support background checks. Which means even people who can’t pass a background check support background checks.”
Real Time with Bill Maher/HBO
April 19, 2013


Gabby Giffords’ husband addresses ‘truth’ about gun violence
“I thought Colin Goddard’s story was very incredible. I was very happy to see the movie and to see him speak because his perspective is vital to a conversation like this.
The Daily Philadelphian
April 17, 2013


Penn Hears Call for More Courage on Gun Laws
“Goddard said he dreams of an America where ‘people aren’t shot in French class.’”
April 18, 2013


On 6th Anniversary of VA Tech Shootings, It’s Long Past Time for Action On Gun Violence 
“What’s even harder to believe is that 6 years after that event – and after other terrible incidents of gun violence – no serious action has been taken to stem this violence at the federal level, or here in Virginia.”
Blue Virginia
April 16, 2013


MSNBC – Morning Joe with Vice President Biden
“I don’t know if Colin would be here if there was a Bushmaster shooting at him.”
Morning Joe/MSNBC
April 12, 2013


Could new laws change how you buy a gun?
“We all want to do something.”
Chris Cuomo/CNN
April 10, 2013


Deserving a Vote
“Their purpose is to vote on this. . . . Don’t not have a vote on this.
Now with Alex Wagner/MSNBC
April 8, 2013


Penn Works to Find Common Ground Amid Gun Controversies
“It’s time for a rational, national gun policy,”
Penn News
April 2, 2013


What Gun Legislation Can Pass?
“Gun Owner and Gun Control Activist John Rosenthal reacts to Colorado’s move to enforce some of the broadest gun controls in the country.”
Jansing & Co./MSNBC
March 20, 2013


Voices from Newtown
“We just wanted to let some of these people know that they are not alone.”
March 4, 2013


VA Tech shooting survivor talks about Feinstein’s assault weapons ban
“A recent report from Mother Jones states that of the 62 mass shootings over the last three decades, more than half of the killers used weapons that would be banned by Feinstein’s bill.”
The War Room/Current TV
February 27, 2013


State and Federal Gun Laws
“Vice President Biden: ‘He calls himself one of the lucky 7.’”
C-SPAN/Washington Journal
February 22, 2013


Gun Debate: It’s Personal
“People with deeply personal reasons for their gun positions speak passionately about loss, survival, hope and prevention.”
Anderson Cooper/CNN AC360
January 31, 2013


Thousands march for gun control in Washington
” We are Americans,” he said, drawing big cheers. “We have overcome difficulties when we realize we are better than this.”

Associated Press
January  26, 2013


NOW with Alex Wagner
“Time for Congress to walk the walk on gun control.”

NOW with Alex Wagner
January 25, 2013


Mass-Shooting Survivors Making Push For Gun Control Their Life’s Work
“It’s not a matter of it anymore; it’s a matter of when,” said Goddard, whom (Vice-President) Biden mentioned by name at the White House gun-control announcement last week.”
January 20, 2013


This is how we will be judged: saving our kids
“I’ve attended a lot of events at the White House. But none more moving or powerful than this week’s announcement by President Obama and Vice-President Biden of their plans to deal with gun violence.”
The Chicago Tribune
January  17, 2013


Now It The Time To Do Something About Gun Violence
“Colin Goddard, then a college senior, was shot four times in a classroom at Virginia Tech. Today, he is a gun violence prevention advocate.”
January 16, 2013


Colin Goddard and Mark Glaze Respond to President Obama’s Gun Proposals
“The Vice-President promised me personally that something will be done.”
January 16, 2013


Documentary “Living for 32″: Virginia Tech’s Colin Goddard Goes To Washington No Longer a Victim
“Colin’s focus is on common ground and answers to one of the toughest issues America faces.”
January 13, 2013


VA Tech Victim Speaks Out on Newtown Massacre and the Future of Gun Control
“Goddard’s verdict? This time really is different.”

The Daily Beast
December  23, 2012


Virginia Tech Survivor Colin Goddard Fights Back Against Guns
“Colin Goddard knows what it’s like to be in a classroom when an armed man bursts through the door and starts randomly shooting people.”
By Anthony Castellano/ABC NIGHTLINE
December 20, 2012


Andrea Mitchell Presents
“Colin Goddard, a survivor of the Virginia Tech shootings,  reacts to the interview, saying ‘we are better than this.’”

Andrea Mitchell Reports
December 14, 2012


Virginia Tech Shooting Victim Speaks at UB
“The day he was shot four times in a French class at Virginia Tech was a game changer for Colin Goddard. That’s when he went from college student to gun control advocate.”
By Linda Conner Lambeck/CONNECTICUT POST
November 13, 2012


VA. Tech Shooting Survivor Recounts 2007 Massacre and Urges Obama, Romney to Address Gun Violence
“If there ever is a time to pose a question about gun policy in America to our candidates for president of this country, then (the first Presidential Debate) is the time to do it.”
October 2, 2012


Q&A: Colin Goddard, Survivor of Virginia Tech Shooting
“I don’t think having guns in campus is solving the issue of gun rights. If it was the case that more guns made people more safe, then America would be the safest place in the world.”
By Bethany Morris/CU INDEPENDENT
September 25, 2012


VIDEO: Virginia Tech Shooting Victim Pushes For Consistent Gun Laws During CU Visit
“It’s not a crusade to take guns from everybody. It’s a crusade to make sure a background check is done on every gun sale. That’s what I’m here for.”
By Tammy Vigil/FOX 31 NEWS DENVER
September 25, 2012


Virginia Tech Massacre: Shooting Victim Speaks at CU-Boulder
“People think I’m here to take everyone’s guns away, but that’s not the case,” Goddard said. “I just want to make sure that background checks are done.” 
September 25, 2012


VIDEO: Virginia Tech Survivor Colin Goddard: To Prevent Next Tragedy, Gun Control Must Follow Mourning
“We cannot continue to keep having the same conversation over and over again after these shootings, where we just express our sympathy, look around at each other like ‘How could this happen?’ and leave it at that,” Goddard says. “It is beyond time to address this issue, and Americans are beginning to realize that.”
August 6, 2012


Families of Gun Violence Victims Mark VA Tech Anniversary at Capitol
“Families of the victims of gun violence gathered Monday — five years to the day since the Virginia Tech massacre — on Capitol Hill to warn against expanding concealed carry laws.”

By Luke Russert/NBC
April 16, 2012


A Massacre’s Survivors: Recovery and Resilience at Virginia Tech
“The strength they displayed in coming back to Virginia Tech in some ways made them unwitting symbols for an entire campus that was struggling to recover from the most horrific event imaginable.”
April 14, 2012


Gun Violence Victims Challenge Congress to Keep Guns from Dangerous People, on April 16, 5th Anniversary of VA Tech Shooting
“We are tired of living with the tragedy of gun violence, and we want Congress to act now to protect us and keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. We won’t rest until they do.”
April 9, 2012


Deadly Ohio Shooting Brings Attention to Gun Violence
“Classes has resumed at Chardon High School less than a week after a student is accused of randomly shooting and killing three of his classmates. Virginia Tech shooting survivor Colin Goddard, who works with the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence, joins Andrea Mitchell Reports to discuss.”
Andrea Mitchell Reports/MSNBC
March 2, 2012


Advocating Through Film
“These real messages touch a responsive chord with people from both sides of the issue.”
Maria Cuomo Cole/Women and Hollywood
June 23, 2011


Q&A With Colin Goddard
“Looking at someone’s license doesn’t tell you anything about felony records, that person’s mental health, or if that person has any restraining orders against them.”
May 3, 2011


Around the Town: Shooting Survivor Hosts Film ‘Living for 32′
“‘I had been to the range a bunch of times, been hunting with my buddies. I thought gun violence wasn’t going to be something that happens to me any my family,’ Goddard said.”

May 4, 2011 


Radio Interview with Colin Goddard
May 2011 


Q&A With Colin Goddard
“Looking at someone’s license doesn’t tell you anything about felony records, that person’s mental health or if that person has any restraining orders against them.”
May 3, 2011


NIU Victims’ Parents Hear From Virginia Tech Survivor
“I know this film may be a little more difficult to watch than for other people,” said Goddard. “I hope this film, me standing up here, is a reminder that there doesn’t have to be all bad. There can be good.”
By Vikki Ortiz Healy/CHICAGO TRIBUNE
April 25, 2011


Survivor of VA Tech Massacre Speaks at UT, BGSU
“I was in total shock. Seconds after that, we had bullets coming through the door and everybody hit the floor. And the next ten minutes were probably the longest ten-minute experience of my life, Goddard said. On that day, 32 people died, but he survived and was able to walk again. Goddard is using his experience to push for changes to gun laws.”
By Tim Miller/WTOL
April 22, 2011


Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor Shows Documentary at NIU
“Four years after he was shot four times, Colin Goddard still has a hard time telling his story.”
By Andrew Mitchell/DAILY CHRONICLE
April 21, 2011


VA Tech Shooting Victim to Screen Documentary on Guns, Speak April 21
“Goddard, who was shot four times by gunman Seung-Hui Cho April 16, 2007, uses the film to recount his experiences during and after the shooting.”
April 20, 2011


“Living for 32″ Film Revisits Virginia Tech Killings, Gun Loophole
“It’s the most honest voice that always touches the responsive chord. It cuts through the politics of a social issue. It’s the most important tool in trying to create change.”
By Karin Tanable/POLITICO
April 19, 2011


Remembering Virginia Tech, Celebrating Their Change-maker
“I learned a lot about myself and the country and the laws we have with mental health and firearms policies. And there were problems in these areas that I thought needed to be fixed. I wanted to make this film to educate people about those issues.”
April 18, 2011


Virginia Tech, Tucson and Beyond
“‘Living for 32′ puts human faces on our nation’s continuing debate about guns and shows how real people and families are affected by our nation’s reluctance to enact and enforce common sense gun laws.”
April 17, 2011


For Virginia Tech’s Wounded: Triumph After Tragedy
“It’s part of who you are – something you’ll never forget. But when you look back on your life, you don’t want it to be the thing that defines you.”
April 17, 2011


Virginia Tech Survivor Views Film as Advocacy in U.S. Gun Debate
“The film’s purpose is not only to recount that day and the aftermath but to turn something so negative in my life into something positive.”
By John Seidenberg/SUITE101
April 15, 2011


VIDEO: Survivor of Tech Shootings Offers Perspective in Documentary
“‘Seeing [Colin Goddard] come out of that with inspiration and the ability to, at least, make a change in what he believes is pretty powerful,’ Deitrick told 13News.”
By Brian Farrell/WVEC-TV
April 13, 2011


Gun Control Advocates Hope “Living for 32″ Helps Tell Their Story
“We can do it if we have the will, Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (D-New York) said Tuesday at a screening for the documentary Living for 32 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.”
By Cassie M. CHew/EXAMINER
April 13, 2011


Developing Strong Gun Laws
“Right, and I found that the guys who weren’t running a background check, were charging a little bit more for that same gun than dealer was with a check. Because, as one guy explained to me, “There’s no tax, there’s no paperwork: that’s gotta be worth something.” And for the guys who want to go around the background check, that’s worth a lot.”
Hardball with Chris Matthews/MSNBC
March 30, 2011


VA Tech survivor Tells Story at Palm Beach Film Festival
“It’s a small layer of protection that we have in this country that will make it more difficult for dangerous people to obtain weapons while still respecting the second amendment for those who are law-abiding and responsible…”
March 26, 2011


VA Tech Survivor Tells Story at Palm Beach Int’l Film Festival
“It is the story of the recovery and survivor’s mission of Colin Goddard, who was shot four times at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007.” 
March 26, 2011


Victim Relives Virginia Tech Shooting in New Film
“‘I understand why people are afraid. I understand why people feel nervous about these things when they hear about shootings in our society. What I’m saying is that their fears are misplaced. What they should be fearful of is the gun purchases that are allowed to go unregulated, that happen without background checks every single weekend,’ Goddard said. ”
Bt Siera Lambrecht/ABC NEWS
March 16, 2011


2,405 Shot Dead Since Tucson
“As Living for 32 drew to a close and the lights in the Lyric came up, one student asked Goddard what kind of action Congress had taken since Tucson. Not much, he said. Then he smiled ruefully. You’d think they would realize that all American citizens want to be sure that weapons are not sold to people who shouldn’t get them, he continued. You would think this would reverberate. We need to tell them that there are some simple things that we could be doing. We’re going to be here, pushing this, until it doesn’t need to be done anymore.”
By Andrew Romano & Pat Wingert/NEWSWEEK
March 13, 2011


Virginia Tech Massacre Survivor to Screen Film
“The film was featured at the Sundance Film Festival in January, shortlisted for a potential Academy Award, and is currently touring nationwide: It drew a standing ovation at its homecoming screening in February in Blacksburg, Va., the home of Virginia Tech.”
March 4, 2011


Keep Guns Off Campus
“Indeed, Colin Goddard, who was shot four times in his French class, has become a crusader for stronger gun laws, as poignantly depicted in the documentary Living for 32, now being shown on college campuses coast-to-coast.”
March 3, 2011
It Could Have Been Less Deadly
” We all heard the news coverage together, but until you spend a lot of time researching a tragedy, you don’t get that sense of how small and short and focused an event one of these mass shootings is, how subject to random chance, and how dramatically different such an event can play out if a single element changes.”
February 26, 2011


“Living for 32″: Odyssey of a Survivor
“The (Virginia Tech) gunman targeted Goddard three times. He took four bullets but survived and became an advocate for stronger gun laws.”
By Nancy Norman/NBC 4 WASHINGTON
February 8, 2011


Helpless in the Face of Madness
“What is the matter with us? Are we really helpless in the face of the astounding toll that guns take on this society?”
January 14, 2011


After the Arizona Shooting: Coming Together For Gun Control
“As President Obama and others try to unite the nation after the Arizona shooting, the country needs to come together for sensible restrictions on guns. A new film by a survivor of the Virginia Tech massacre may help.”
January 12, 2011


Gun Control Debate: Why Do We Make Gun Violence So Easy?
“The only thing worse than slowly watching a shooting unfold on television is being past of one”
By Colin Goddard/AOL NEWS
January 11, 2011
Maria Cuomo Cole Receives Creative Coalition Spotlight Initiative Award
Maria Cuomo Cole will be accepting for [her] short [film]” Living for 32
January 5, 2011
Virgina Tech survivor: Keep guns off campus
“You can’t talk about, much less take, bombs and guns onto airplanes. Such behavior in our schools should be prosecuted just as certainly as such behavior in our airports is prosecuted.”
By Colin Goddard/CNN
January 3, 2011


Colin Goddard: Living for 32
“Colin Goddard, survivor of the shooting at Virginia Tech, who is now an advocate with the Brady Campaign talks about his experience. He was the one to call 911 from the classroom and was one of the few to survive. He discusses the documentary “Living for 32,” in which he’s featured.” 
The Leonard Lopate Show/WNYC-FM
December 28, 2010


School Shooting Survivor Documents Gun Law Fight
“For the first time ever in my life, I called 911… By the time I got out where we were, and which building, and which floor, we had bullets coming through our door. And the next ten minutes was the craziest ten minute experience of my whole life.”
December 27, 2010


Living for 32: A Generation Stands Up for Utself Against Deadly Weapons
“Americans think we’re already doing every reasonable thing we can do in order to prevent dangerous people from arming themselves. But the truth is we’re far from it.”
November 30, 2010


Colin Goddard’s Life After Virginia Tech
“[You have] the choice of what to do. Do you let this consume you? Do you think about this all day? I thought about the situation changing every single way,” [Colin] says. “How I could have saved the day or how I could have been killed?”
October 24, 2010


Political Scions Take Over Oscar Docs Shortlist
“The release this week of the eight documentary shorts on the so-called “shortlist” for a possible Oscar nod just proves the growing dominance of political scions in the field.”
By The Reliable Source/THE WASHINGTON POST
October 15, 2010