Speak Out quotes and testimonials

Families and friends of those killed by guns talk about how these deaths have affected their lives and why they support the NY SAFE ACT.


Legendary artist Harry Belafonte speaks out on gun violence in America as he accepts his 2013  the NAACP Image Awards Spingarn Medal.


Children speak out in this March for Change public service announcement


Nancy Lefkowitz speaks out during testimony before a public hearing on gun violence in Hartford, CT.

Thoughts from a young mother in the Bronx…
In Chicago, a 6 month old baby was shot five times while her father changed her diaper. In the Sandy Hook shooting, 20 children were shot and killed. These are today’s headlines, a very real epidemic that our country is going through. As a mother of three kids, I’m afraid of their future. I feel like no matter how I raise them and teach them to make the right decisions, I can’t protect them from a spree of the moment attack. I find some comfort in knowing that Governor Cuomo has passed the toughest gun laws in the country, but that still doesn’t stop the illegal guns from coming in from other states. We need to continue to teach our kids about the dangers of guns and hope that they will stay away from them. We need to continue to educate our communities about the consequences that gun violence brings and try our hardest to be united on the issue. Gun Violence Prevention is the first step we must all take to stop this epidemic. Our children depend on it, to live full lives as productive citizens.
Marcia Holguin

Colin Goddard in the movie and in person was nothing short of spectacular last night.  We were all drawn in and charged up by his engaging, enabling, informative, and passionate presentation.

It was just over a year ago that I received a phone call from my son, a student at Virginia Tech, who wanted to assure me that he was safe and sheltering in place in an academic building due to a shooting on campus. I was stricken and thought how can this be happening again. I was so thankful that I heard from him before reports were broadcast on the news. After a tense day the story unfolded of the shooting of Officer Crouse. One tragic incident after another involving gun violence and here we are again with the murders of elementary aged children. I am angry and moved to do something. I saw Colin Goddard’s story of Living for 32 on Oprah so I knew just where to make my donation. Thank you for your work.

An absolutely fantastic speaker on an ever increasingly relevant topic. ‘Living for 32′ your film was phenomenal.

I will never forget you or your story. You have my vote.

Thank you for coming to NAU tonight! That was an inspiring film and fantastic Q&A session.

Colin, you rock!!!

Sarah BradyLike my husband, Jim Brady, Colin Goddard wouldn’t sit down when life tried to force him to. He stood up to the challenge of his injury, and is now standing tall for all victims of  gun violence. Jim and I are very grateful to him for joining the fight for sensible gun laws. Our dear friend Maria Cuomo Cole, and director Kevin Breslin, have captured his story magnificently in Living for 32.
Sarah Brady

The Second Amendment states: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The NRA and the weapons industry have stricken the critical first clause from that Amendment so that anyone can have a gun. They thereby violate the restrictions of that Amendment and the rights of people to life free of fear. You are fighting the good fight and we support you with all our hearts.

I saw this film today, and it’s truly beautiful. The event is tragic, but the way that Colin has transformed himself and the narrative of his life story is wonderfully inspiring.

I have been following your Facebook page and reading about all the good work that Colin Goddard is doing.  I wanted to write and just say thanks and offer my support for your work. I received an MS in sociology from VT and was on campus when the shooting’s happened (next door in McBryde Hall) and will carry that day with me forever. I can’t really say enough about how proud I am that this documentary was made and that Colin is a VT graduate.  Most everything he has written in various editorials is exactly how I felt about the events of the day and the days that followed and I am currently working on a paper, which addresses various unexamined perspectives on the day.  Please know that there are many of us who support this work and please continue to fight against the voices of ignorance who want guns to be carried on campus.  As a professor and future faculty member, this terrifies me. Please let me know if I can be of help in any way in the future.

Mayor Cory Booker, Newark, NJLiving for 32 is a powerful film. Colin Goddard, like many heroic Americans, knows that we have a Virginia Tech every day with more than 32 Americans dying daily due to gun violence. It is time to stop this tragic reality. This film teaches, touches and challenges us to act.
Newark Mayor Cory Booker


Thanks for coming to speak tonight and share your story. You are fighting the good fight and we support you with all our hearts.

I know I thanked you in person but I just wanted to say how much I appreciated you coming to NIU to share your film and story. As a survivor of the Feb 14th shooting, I really believe in everything you are trying to do. Keep it up! I’ll be doing my absolute best to try and spread the word. Thanks again!

Thanks you for your hard work…you are making a difference!

Though we can never be completely safe, I believe we can and must strive to make the world safer through judicious enactment and enforcement of laws that make it harder for people with harmful intent to acquire guns.

Colin has character and drive; I admire him for that.

I think this is a wonderful thing that you are doing. People shouldn’t be afraid to go out of the house or go to school, as I am because who knows who has a gun and shouldn’t have one. I watched you on Oprah and I wish there were more people like you willing to take a stand for what they believe in.

Suzanne Verge, Million Mom March, LATo those of us who have marched for the safety of our children for ten years and counting, my heart goes out not only to Colin Goddard for what he went through, but to his mother and father, who are so captivating in this incredible film. I wish every college student in America could see this, because it’s not just about gun violence — it’s about making personal choices after facing adversity.
Suzanne Verge, Milllion Mom March, Los Angeles, California

Thank you for taking a courageous, righteous stand on this issue!

You’re doing a wonderful thing, something most would not dare to.

Thank you Colin.

Thank you for making this film. It honors all of their memories. Colin, thank you for speaking on behalf of so many who can’t. We all miss them.

Thank you.

I was about 100 feet outside of Norris when the shootings happened. I get asked about it every time I tell someone I went to VT and have trouble holding everything back. I’ve had trouble telling people about this and I feel like this is a great way to get it all out.

Thank you.

I would like to thank you for honoring those that died at Va. Tech and for telling Colin’s story.

Joan Peterson, Protect MinnesotaI am in awe of Colin Goddard. The first time I heard him talk about his story as a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting, I knew he would be around for a while and that he would be a force in the movement to prevent gun injuries and deaths. He has surpassed that expectation. And Living for 32 tells his remarkable story in a beautiful, uplifting way.
Joan Peterson, Million Mom March, Duluth, Minnesota


If we’re going to make more progress against gun violence we must end the flood of illegal weapons that kill our children. One person lost — one child lost — should trouble each of us. This tough, poised kid from Virginia Tech has a story to tell that every American should hear. If we’re going to make greater progress and make our cities safer, we need common sense laws that protect the rights of law abiding citizens to purchase guns but also help us end the flood of illegal weapons that kill our children. Too often, when guns are readily available, people use them to resolve conflicts or to take revenge. Too often, innocent people are caught in the line of fire. Young children find guns in their homes and treat them as toys, and end up losing their lives or killing others.
Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley

It is about time the gun laws have changed. It is a shame that in a supposed civil society, that we have dozens of persons dying from gunshots on a daily basis.

I am a retired college professor. In my 33 years of teaching, I came close to being shot twice by students with guns. The first was a student who had romantic delusions about me. The second was a former mental patient diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia who the police told me planned to shoot me and all 45 students in the class.We were very fortunate to survive that day!

Living For 32 is an important film that reminds us how fragile we are and that our need for strong legislation for gun control is necessary. Thanks to Colin Goddard’s courage and the insight of Maria Cuomo Cole to make this very powerful film.

*Very* nice job, Colin!

Saftey first! Supporting a safer and peaceful America :) Thank You.

Good luck! Love what you are doing.

I think what you are doing is very inspiring. It demonstrates that even after an event so horrific one can still rise above and find the courage to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Thank you Colin for your efforts — just saw your clip on the Oprah show. You are making a difference and increasing the awareness of people about the illegal gun sales and the crimes and violence brought about by irresponsible use of firearms. Ut Prosim is the VT motto and you are living it!

You, Colin, are a good man. Thank you for what you do.

Just saw you on Oprah Colin, I so admire what you are doing. I must take the time to watch your documentary. Please keep doing what you are doing ~ many are with you!

Thank you for what you do! I appreciate your effort to make a difference in this world. May God Bless You, Colin!

Thank you for standing up..

This movie’s timing has never been better.

Colin – keep doing your good work.

Bravo to Colin for taking a tragic experience and transforming it into an opportunity to create positive change and to Maria Cuomo Cole for having the vision, insight and dedication to produce “Living for 32″. The awards and nominations are well-deserved. “Living for 32″ shines the spotlight on the critical issue of gun control and provides a voice to those lost on that fateful day so that their memory can inspire Americans to enact important changes in gun control laws.

I just saw this movie at the ashland independent film festival last week. It was beautiful and moving film, and my impression of Colin was that he wasn’t blaming anyone, but rather that as a result of his horrible injuries, he learned there are loopholes for buying guns at gun shows. And all he’s trying to do is close them.

Thank you from the cousin of Reema Samaha.

Always in our family’s hearts.

Thank you.

I was at VT during the shootings, also, in McBryde Hall next door. One of my friends lost their close friends and my neighbor was killed. Thank you for this work. Please let me know if I can ever be of any help.


I loved how strong you were for all of those who didnt make it and how your family is there for you.

The documentary was great, with an extremely powerful message. I’m so glad you were able to make it to Norfolk.

Great Documentary with a great message, that is logical and made a ton of sense. Very well put together Q and A also. Keep up the good work.

I’m so glad I was able to see your film last night. I’ve been thinking about it all day. I’ll be doing my best to help the cause and spread this important message. You’re a great inspiration!

Thank you, for your voice and your message standing with you.

I’m a Tech grad working at Emory and played a very small role in encouraging the screening on our campus. Thanks for coming and for sharing your story with the Emory community.

It is great that you are making the public and lawmakers aware of our lax gun control laws. I’m glad you were able to turn such a negative experience into something good.

You are an inspiration.

It’s a crime that the NRA has more weight with congress than the American public.

Go Colin! So proud of all your efforts.

Colin is doing an incredible job. Bravo!

Thank you Colin for all of your tireless work It breaks my heart that so many people just don’t get it. This is a very powerful video.

I’ve just finished reading an other article about this, all I can say is you guys see the big picture. Self defense I get but shooting someone is never a good thing whether it’s you or the crazed looney. Keep up the great work guy.

Keep up the good work, I support you 100%. God Bless you and your journey. I will do my part.. Peace!

Thank you Colin for all of your work to end gun violence. You have made a difference in the lives of many by giving hope, inspiration and direction.

By watching your facial expression and body language in the movie and as you opened up to the Q&A I think myself and everyone in the Lyric were able to connect to you on a level beyond just your spoken words. I want to thank you for truly putting yourself out there on such a personal level. Every spring semester I remind myself to live for the 32, but you’re living for them every single day. What impresses me the most is how, in the past few years, you still remain patient and charismatic while facing objections in trying to pass these rational bills. You have an amazing character and because of you I have never been prouder to be a HOKIE.

When will people get it!

Why do we see another case where a young man who had documented issues with anger, violence, theft, erratic behavior still had had access to buy a semi-automatic weapon? These young people need help, not guns, and a country where they can get them so easily is scary. I am in such a state of concern over why this keeps happening. Change is needed, and change must come.

I viewed the film in Norfolk, VA at the Naro. It is chilling and yet powerful in its message that we can and we must do something to end the type of gun violence that
took the lives of 32 Hokies. I have been inspired to contact my elected representatives in support of Colin’s work. Ut Prosim.

Mother of VT student – want to see this movie. Impt issue…bless you

I was a soph. at Virginia Tech when the shootings occurred. I would love to see this documentary and see what Colin is doing to control gun laws.

As a fellow Hokie, I look forward to the opportunity to see this.

I commend Mr. Goddard for what he is doing.  I do not imagine that Mr. Goddard will see this note but I have my thoughts on gun control. If it would work it would be great but the bad guys or mentally unstable will still get guns.  I do feel that the incidence could be reduced greatly with truly effective background checks. And I feel that there should be a ban on assault weapons.  As close to 100% as possible. Your site speaks of our population being apathetic about gun violence.  You are so right. Is not one life worth doing whatever is necessary to stop the killings? Of course. I firmly believe that the constant violence in films, tv, video games and music lyrics has brought about the apathy and the quick to shoot mentality in so many of our deranged people in many of our pathetically stupid population. The ACLU could care less about the deaths. Free speech? There should be limits on the so called entertainment business when people and families are being so severely damaged by what the industry is doing.

Ut Prosim.

Thank you for making this film. It honors all of their memories. Colin, thank you for speaking on behalf of so many who can’t. We all miss them.

I would like to first thank you for honoring those that died at Va. Tech and for telling Colin’s story.

I admire Colin’s poise and grace, commitment and courage. He is an outstanding young man and the work he is doing is so important to those of us who believe that we can improve the system that currently malfunctions all too often. Thank you for raising awareness and urging our lawmakers to act.